‘Keep Those Knees Driving’ is for you if you are still playing the awesome game of football! The strongest player doesn’t always standout, it’s usually the player with the most heart and the player who gives it their all from the first play to the last. But, what if you aren’t playing football? Or really any sports?

‘KTKD’ is also for you if you may be someone in long-term recovery, for those who are in need of the message to continue to push forward and those who just need the daily reminder to overcome any challenge life throws their way. Think about, keep those knees driving! Don’t look back! Keep attacking each day as if it’s your last. No matter what!

I can guarantee you this. If I’m out and about and I see you with one of these shirts on, I would love to sit down and hear your story. I would love to listen to all that you continue to overcome and what lies in the future for you! And I would love to help you get there!

If you do not live near me, I have a solution. I will create a platform for you to share your own personal story. If you send me a photo of you wearing a ‘KTKD’ shirt, I will let you share your personal journey here on my page website. The stage will be yours, with the goal to spread any sort of awareness.

So become the running back of your own life! Create your own environment of peers who want to charge forward towards their own goals, their passions and their own end-zones! Take control of your life and realize that the ball is in your hands! If I can do it, then I promise you that you can too!

So, KEEP THOSE KNEES DRIVING! And I can’t wait to hear your story!!