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Montee Ball: Building a Sober Community  

Being willing to seek help was also a big step in Montee Ball’s pathway to recovery. The former NFL and Badger football running back says, “Accepting the fact that I needed help and actually going through with it was key.”

“I also began to understand that I had a problem with alcohol and to recognize what alcohol had taken away from me, including relationships and the game of football.

Regular support from a counselor and his sober network help Ball maintain recovery today.

“I am staying close to my family and continuously work on building a community of people who want to remain sober,” says Ball.

One example of Ball’s sober community building? The sober game day watch parties that he’s hosting this season at the Marcus Palace Theatre in Sun Prairie, WI.

“Madison was just named the best college football town in America, and Wisconsin leads the nation in problem drinking,” says Ball. but that doesn’t mean that we can’t also become the top state in recovery.”

By speaking at the Wisconsin Voices for Recovery Rally for Recovery, Ball hopes to share his story on how he overcame his struggles.

“People might think that they can’t relate to someone who played in the NFL or the Superbowl,” says Ball. “But substance abuse and mental health issues affect us all.”